be part of the future of roosevelt row

The Roosevelt Row Arts District serves as a central hub for arts and culture in downtown Phoenix.  As a district known for its murals, galleries, restaurants, bars and boutique shops, at the core of the area are the artists who define it. 
Our programs are focused on providing spaces for artists to thrive.


Why invest in artists?
Artists are the catalysts who make creativity come to life in the community! As an organization founded by artists, we believe that for people to thrive, they need to connect to creativity. So, we prioritize offering spaces for artists to create and sell their work, collaborate together, and connect to the community.  We do this through programs designed to amplify the work that artists do. Since our inception in 2006, we have served as an advocate role for the arts, community culture, and the artists who cultivate a variety of ongoing creative experiences.


Be visible in our community!
Sponsoring one of our programs creates an opportunity to be part of the future of the arts district! In our urban arts community which attracts over 100,000 visitors each year, our goal is to build momentum for sustainable ways for artists to reach their potential. In this packet, you will find a variety of programs that connect with artists, local residents and community visitors. 
We invite you to sponsor one of our many programs and invest in a future where artists can thrive!